Carpet cloth

I tried the popular window cleaning kit

My new cleaning obsession is the E-Cloth – a window cleaning kit that not only removes dirt, grease and grime, but also polishes away those little fingerprints using only water. It’s easy, eco-friendly and it really works. Additionally, according to the company, E-Cloths have been proven to kill over 99% of bacteria, including E. coli […]

Carpet cleaner

Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is $ 51 off at Walmart

Prices and availability of the offer may change after the publication date. TL; DR: The Hoover SmartWash Deep Cleaning Automatic Carpet Cleaner is on sale for $ 198, saving you $ 51. The official start of fall is a few days away and that means that soon the ground will be littered with crispy leaves. […]