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4 Ways to Revamp Your Interior Design with Sustainable Products – Pasadena Weekendr

Sustainability is not just a trend. According to a 2021 study of over 10,000 people in 17 countries, 85% said they had changed their shopping habits to be more sustainable. Additionally, 34% of respondents said they were willing to pay more for sustainable products and services. The growing demand for sustainable products has shifted the focus of many industries, including the interior design sector.

You may not associate sustainability with design, but these concepts are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many sustainable home design products are clever and unique because of the way they are created and used.

If you’re looking to refresh your home’s style while minimizing your impact on the planet, check out these four eco-friendly ways to spruce up your home decor.

1. Go antiquing

One of the easiest ways to be sustainable is to not buy new products. Old furniture and decor give your home decor an elevated look without creating new waste. By buying antiques, you can find unique pieces with a story and save them from the landfill. Also, many antique items have a longer life cycle than modern design pieces, so you can enjoy them for years.

2. Use salvaged products

Salvaged goods are used or leftover materials or products that can be reused for the same or a different purpose. For example, reclaimed wood that once made up an old barn or crate can be used as the base for home decorations, shelves, and tables. Using reclaimed materials and products can give your home a rustic charm while using existing items, keeping materials out of the landfill, and reducing the demand for new products and the waste created when making them.

3. Buy recycled products

Although recovered and recycled products may seem interchangeable, recovered products are not changed from their original state. Recycled products are items made from used materials that have been transformed or molded into a new item for a new purpose. For example, many manufacturers create products from recycled plastic.

The Abstra™ Collection from Kohler WasteLAB® is a bespoke tile collection that demonstrates the intersection of art and ecological science. It is also an example of Kohler’s commitment to achieving zero net waste to landfill by 2035. Kohler WasteLABone of Kohler’s many startup success stories Innovate for good, and its team of designers, ceramists and engineers, rely on factory waste as the primary medium for Abstra’s designs. These durable tiles are made from more than 99.5% landfill-bound materials, including recycled sewage sludge and glaze splatter from the company’s Wisconsin pottery factory. This innovative process exploits a way to convert materials that were once directed to landfill to instead produce a tile of remarkable beauty and depth.

“Abstra has a continuous, yet ever-changing fluidity in its contrasting surface details,” said Dana Morales, Senior Designer – Kohler Co. “There are raised and raised patterns, multiple geometric shapes, a palette of soft, matte colors based in nature, and subtle surface undulations that create complexity and depth.With these new WasteLAB designs, we provide the tools to create an imaginative canvas and explore new ways to express yourself.

Depending on the chosen glaze, the tiles can be used in showers and other wet areas. They are also resistant to freeze/thaw conditions, so also an exceptional choice for many outdoor installations.

4. Choose durable materials

When buying new products, make a difference and choose those made from sustainable materials. Bamboo has become a popular material for furniture and decorations because it is a renewable material that does not require a lot of water, pesticides or labor to create compared to wood products. traditional. Other sustainable materials include jute, a natural plant fiber used for woven rugs and other home textiles, and cork, which is made by harmlessly harvesting tree bark.

Your individual choices as a consumer are important and can have a positive impact on the environment. One way is to invest in the future of the Earth by researching eco-friendly and recyclable designs for your home.

Kohler WasteLAB’s Abstra Collection is available at ANN SACKS Tile & Stone showrooms nationwide. Please visit for more information on the collection or to find the nearest showroom.

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