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7 design trends smart homeowners need to follow in 2022

2020 was the year that made many of us take a good look at our own homes. Many of us spent 2021 redesigning our spaces, creating the home that the “new normal” demanded. We have entered 2022, with a looming third wave of a global pandemic, and it is safe to say that this year, too, the home will remain the core of our social and professional lives. Multifunctional or hybrid spaces are therefore the need of the hour and decoration trends meet this need for versatility. Here are 7 interior design trends that will help you create a space that meets the strategic demands of a post-COVID world.

Plants will continue to be our decorative accent of choice with natural materials and textures.

Biophilic decor

The biophilic trend centers on a nature-inspired aesthetic that connects with the outdoors. Natural light and ventilation play a key role here, so larger windows with lots of glass to bring in the view are essential. Incorporate earthy colors, add plants, wallpaper or botanically inspired prints, and try using natural materials like marble, natural stone, wood, cotton and linen.

Patterned Floor and Wall Tiles

Using patterned floor and wall tiles is a quick way to create a bold look. These are readily available in materials like ceramic, porcelain, and encaustic cement tiles. Tiles can be introduced into floors and walls in the kitchen and bathroom, as a backsplash, on the balcony or for an accent wall.

Matching padding

Another popular design trend to look for is the use of matching upholstery fabrics for sofas, chairs, ottomans, and rugs to enhance the overall living room aesthetic. You can mix and match with color blocks, combine graphic patterned fabrics with solid colors, mix leather with fabric or introduce a textured contrast.

Antimicrobial products

Consider antimicrobial finishes like germ-free tiles, cork floors, antibacterial laminates, and antibacterial countertops.

The accent wall will make a comeback, especially as a focal point of bedroom decor.

The accent wall

The accent wall behind the bed will be one of the most prominent features of any bedroom decorating trends. Design accent wall with backlit panels, patterned wallpaper, niches, 3D wall panels, wood wall panels and upholstered wall panels. Introduce a layered lighting system into the bedroom to create a serene and restful atmosphere.

Ergonomic workstations

Many people will continue to work from home and children could follow a hybrid model of online and offline school in 2022. An ergonomic home office for working adults and a study area for children will become a priority in schools. homes. Factors such as functionality, aesthetics and should be taken into account when creating a comfortable working or study environment.

As we continue to have fun at home, we will spend more time setting up the bar

Trendy bars at home

With private parties and home guest entertaining being the new trend, a formal home bar can be a stylish addition to your home. Depending on the size of the house, you can dedicate a free room to the house bar, integrate it into the living room or dining room, and use a wall niche or cabinet for the house bar.