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7 fail-safe design formulas for a better home office

Whether you work from home full-time, live a hybrid life, or just need a place to pay your bills, you’ll be more likely to sit down and check things off your to-do list if you love your office space. Seemingly small decisions like which desk and organizational accessories you choose can have a big impact when it comes to creating a comfortable and conducive environment to get things done.

To help you get the most out of your home office, we’ve rounded up seven unique configurations that fit a variety of styles. Let these furniture and decor combinations inspire your own upgrade or boutique. The reception deposit on line to get everything you need to recreate these designs in your space.

Fit and fresh

Streamline your workstation with this electric standing desk that changes with your mood. It’s adjustable with the push of a button so you can raise it to your posture height or lower it to chair level after your leg day. Minimize table accessories with a simple Desk lamp and easy to maintain snake plant.

Warm Traditional

traditional office home deposit

Go for a studious teacher vibe with a nut executive Office with plenty of storage and a matching library to display your vast collection of reading materials, plus a bar top with a carafe of scotch. To warm up the room even more, add an old school banker desk lamp which emits a pleasant glow.

Sleek and simple

industrial home office home depot

This simple combination of a hassle-free office paired with a fake leather upholstered chair this is what minimalist dreams are made of. Enhance the professional vibe by mounting an industrial-inspired wood and metal pipe rack to the wall for necessary storage.


mid century modern office home depot

Lean into your groovy side with shapes and silhouettes inspired by mid-century modern designs, like understated ash veneer desk and a flare upholstered chair. Finish the setup with a vintage-inspired piece asymmetrical wall art with wood tones that complement the furnishings.

Creative and colorful

colorful home office home depot

Pair this cozy navy chair with a multicolored carpet for a dynamic office space that sparks creative thinking. Since you never know when you’ll need inspiration, store magazines, books and a notebook to jot down ideas handy in the gold metal wall shelf.

Space saving

home filing space saving office

Even if your “office” is really just a corner of the living room, this wall ladder desk with shelves for storage is perfect for maximizing your WFH space. Combine it with an upholstery swivel chair which can serve as an extra seat when you are not working and hang a letter holder to keep bills, work papers and journals organized and off the coffee table.

Sophisticated and Old-School

home depot study furniture

When it comes to organizing a classic study, you can’t go wrong with a leather chair like this vintage style. Storing Espresso Colored Wood library with lots of titles, and add something fun to the space with the floor lamp inspired by the pulley system.