Carpet design

8 interior design trends professionals can’t wait to leave behind in 2022

“Troubled both outside and inside, the structures vaguely barn-like with all-white walls, black windows, bleached oak floors, and abstract greige carpets inspired by the galaxy or jellyfish or other marine species in mauve and earthy schemes. They look like depressing medical exams. Also, black and white photography on the walls of the horses, or the sad gray days at the beach! —Patrick Mele, Patrick mele

It’s time to say goodbye to bright white palettes, says Mandy Cheng.

Photo: Wongsakorn Dulyavit / Getty Images

“Safe” color palettes

“The vibrant colors, layers, patterns and lavish textiles are fighting the previously popular bright white color palettes, and I love it. I am ready for the light and bright trends to stay on the sidelines for a while. –Mandy Chen, Mandy Cheng Conception

Backlit stone finishes

“We would like to see this feature disappear in private homes because it dates the home quickly. We don’t need to showcase the beauty of natural stone by adding artificial backlighting to it. Let the material shine on its own. —Edel Legaspi, Land design of Legaspi

Is remote working making people reconsider the open floor plan? Rachel Bullock thinks so.

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Open floor plans

“With more and more people spending time at home during the pandemic, many are starting to realize that separation of space is useful. No one wants to be on competing Zooms in the same kitchen / living / dining room. Having separate spaces also allows each area to have its own unique character, and having everything connected can make a space feel too cavernous when you’re not having fun. Defined and intimate spaces that provide daily comfort will begin to take precedence over the giant party once a year. —Rachel Bullock, LAUN Los Angeles

Design terms used lazily

“For starters, the term ‘maximalist’ is overused and starting to mean nothing more than putting a lot of stuff in the pot and hoping that everything goes well. Another common element is “transitional”: let’s adopt an aesthetic instead and work it in a committed way rather than concluding without a personality. –PM