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Airbus opens a creative studio for the design of the A220 business jet

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has opened its new exclusive design studio in Toulouse, France to design the interiors of its upcoming ACJ TwoTwenty “Xtra Large Bizjet”.

The ACJ TwoTwenty business jet is based on the famous narrow-body Airbus A220-100. The aircraft will accommodate up to 18 VIP passengers on flights over 12 hours. The cabin offers 785 square feet (73 square meters) of floor space divided into six configurable living areas of approximately 130 square feet (12 square meters) each.

Prospective owners can imagine their bespoke interior for the jet in the new design studio. Photo: Airbus

The studio in Toulouse allows ACJ customers to imagine and design their own luxury interior by including a full-size section of the ACJ TwoTwenty cabin. The space is augmented by virtual reality technology modeling, to create a full picture of how customers could personalize the space.

Benoit Defforge, president of the ACJ, highlighted the use of technology to allow customers to play a more active role in the design of the final product:

“We are extremely proud to open this unique creative studio for our clients. Our ACJ TwoTwenty offers unparalleled personal space with 786 square feet of floor space.”

“It’s important to make them feel the space and the ultimate comfort it brings. Thanks to the latest technologies, we offer our customers a real-time and immersive design experience.”

A spacious and flexible interior.

ACJ TwoTwenty clients visiting the studio in France will be invited to explore their layout ideas with the help of ACJ’s designers and technical specialists. The teams work with customers to explore the range of options available to choose a personalized and luxurious interior.

All kinds of combinations can be tested using virtual reality. Photo: Airbus

The final product will initially be completed by Zurich-based business aviation service Comlux, the aircraft’s launch customer and exclusive cabin supplier on the first 15 ACJ TwoTwenty jets. The cabin boasts perks such as a cinema area, galley with crew rest area, large guest shower and what Airbus describes as the widest seat in the industry.

Customers can specify their ACJ TwoTwenty right down to materials and finish. Photo: Airbus

Customers will have the chance to study the range of colors under different lighting before deciding on their color combinations for seats, carpets and walls or wood effects and finishes for handcrafted cabinets. The jet is specially designed to offer a unique experience to the passenger. Final finish options include hundreds of soft natural fabrics, plush carpets, smooth wood veneers and plated metal finishes.

The cabin is twice the size of a typical business jet and offers a flexible cabin catalog. Photo: Airbus

Other customization options include one of three standard cabin ambiences and a special Cyril Kongo Edition configuration, which is part of the signature cabin catalog.

The first ACJ TwoTwenty is nearing completion.

Earlier this year, the first of its kind rolled off the Airbus A220 final assembly line in Mirabel, Canada. The aircraft, which bears the registration 9H-FIVE, will complete its interior renovations at Comlux’s facilities in Indianapolis before being delivered to its eventual owner, Dubai-based FIVE Hotels.

The ACJ TwoTwenty is powered exclusively by Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines, allowing the aircraft to fly up to 5,650 NM/10,500 km (over 12 flight hours). The distance traveled is large enough to directly connect city pairs like London and Los Angeles, Moscow and Jakarta, and Tokyo with Dubai.


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