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Bissell HydroWave review: a feature-rich, easy-to-use carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaners are useful devices to have around the house to spruce up your carpets and give them the deep cleaning they need. However, you don’t have to use them every week, which can make storage a bit of a problem.

The Bissell HydroWave tackles this problem head-on. Its retractable handle reduces its height from 1,100mm to 850mm, so it should fit into a cupboard under the stairs where the taller uprights might have trouble fitting.

Bissell HydroWave Review: What Do You Get For The Money?

At £ 250, the Bissell HydroWave costs £ 90 more than the £ 160 Bissell PowerClean, although it appears, at least on the surface, to be a very similar product. Both are vertical carpet cleaners, with two water tanks to hold clean, dirty water, and a motorized rotating brush in the floor head. On the crunch side, they both do the same thing: drop a mixture of water and cleaning solution on your carpet, press it into the pile with the brush, then vacuum the dirty water again.

However, the HydroWave comes with a host of additional features. The roller brush in the HydroWave’s floor head has more rows of bristles than the PowerClean. The HydroWave also comes with two cleaning modes: Express Clean and Deep Clean. The Express Clean uses less water, so your carpet should be dry in about 30 minutes. And it has a third mode called CleanShot, which shoots a spray of cleaning solution from a nozzle on the front of the cleaner, to give tough stains a bit of prewash.

The design of the HydroWave is also superior in several respects. Its two water reservoirs can be easily removed with one hand, without having to manipulate the clasps. The three buttons on the handle that select cleaning modes are also used to turn the device on or off, so everything is convenient to operate directly from the handle. Finally, with the push of a button, the handle can be lowered into the main unit for more compact storage.

In the box you also get a generous 750ml of Bissell Wash & Protect Pro Stain & Odor cleaning solution, a small measuring cup to make pouring the right amount easier, and a large molded plastic base for the cleaner to use on. sit. The base has two functions and while its most obvious use is simply to catch drips when the machine dries, it can also be filled with clean water and used to rinse the machine when it is finished.

Once you’ve gotten through that, the replacement cleaning fluid costs £ 20 for 1.5 liters straight from Bissell, although at the time of writing you can get three bottles for the price of two.

Using the Express Clean option, I found that the amount of water and cleaning fluid (mixed in a 50: 1 ratio) was significantly reduced compared to cleaning an area of ​​the same size with the Bissell PowerClean. By my calculations, based on how much I used in testing, this cleaner should cost you less than 5p per square meter of cleaning fluid for light use, which is very reasonable.

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Bissell HydroWave review: what does it look like to use?

The refined design and build quality of the Bissell HydroWave make it simple to install and use. Filling the clean water tank is simple, and removing and rinsing the dirty tank after cleaning is also easy.

During cleaning, the two main cleaning functions work as expected, although it should be noted that after using the Deep Clean setting our test mat was still damp to the touch after 24 hours. After cleaning with the Express Clean option, however, it was reasonably dry within 30 minutes of cleaning and completely dry within a few hours.

Having all the controls at the handle makes operation easier and the unit is reasonably manoeuvrable, even when completely filled with water.

Bissell HydroWave Review: Does It Clean Well?

I used the Express Clean feature to clean and refresh a section of well-used carpet, which receives a lot of foot traffic in my house. I also used the Deep Clean function to work on stains on a light colored carpet that had measured quantities of coffee, black currant squash and mud spilled on it, which had been left to dry for 24 hours.

The HydroWave left the carpet cooler than before. Because I used the Express Clean mode, it wasn’t flooded with liquid and it was dry within hours. It didn’t seem to clean significantly better than the Bissell PowerClean in terms of the end result, but it used significantly less water in the process, making it more efficient.

More water was deposited during the spot cleaning process. This removed the black currant squash and mud, but although it cleared up the black coffee stain, a visible mark remained. This result was similar to the cheaper PowerClean, although the HydroWave left the carpet wetter for much longer.

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Bissell HydroWave review: should I buy it?

The Bissell HydroWave is a mid-priced carpet cleaner that doesn’t clean better than cheaper models, but boosts value with features and extras. Its ease of use, ability to compress into a smaller space for storage and rinse base are about decent for an extra £ 80 over the price of the Bissell PowerClean, but you can save some money. money if you are more interested in the end result rather than how you get there.

It’s also worth considering the Vax Platinum SmartWash, which costs another £ 50 more. It has two rotating brushes, which agitate the carpet even more for a deep cleaning, and portable accessories that you can use on things like stains and upholstery.