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Bissell PowerClean 2021 carpet cleaner review

WITH three boys under six and a house full of cream carpets, it’s no surprise that I couldn’t wait to review the Bissell PowerClean carpet cleaner again.

But could it really save our worn out carpets? We put it to the test to find out if it’s as good as it claims it is.


A lightweight, space-saving device that can breathe new life into our old rugs and not take up too much storage space at the same time feels like a dream come true.

But is that all it’s meant to be? After cleaning the whole house with it several times, we reveal everything to you …


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Competitive price
  • Effective in removing stains
  • Easy to clean

The inconvenients

  • The clean water tank could be bigger
  • Does not work on hard floors

Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner: Summary

  • Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner, £ 149.99 from Bissell – buy here

The Bissell PowerClean is lightweight, competitively priced, and a great carpet cleaner.

It is easy to use and freshens carpets very well – it removes old stains and brightens carpets.

While it could do with a larger clean water tank to make it last longer, its compact size actually makes it ideal for storage in small spaces.


What would you like to know

With over 140 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Bissell knows a lot about how to make your carpets shine.

The brand has a few carpet cleaners in their repertoire and the PowerClean is the newest and one of the best in the line.

It’s also one of the company’s most compact and lightest models, weighing just 5.6kg, which is significantly smaller than other carpet cleaners on the market, which can weigh up to 9 kg.

Plus, with 600 watts of power behind, it’s twice as powerful as Bissell’s lightest carpet cleaner, and it certainly delivers an impressive level of punch when working your carpets.

It has four rows of electric brushes for deep cleaning of carpets and its two reservoirs separate dirty water from clean water.

It costs £ 149.99 which is competitively priced for carpet cleaners of this type and its above-average cleaning power defies its low price.

First impressions

Our first impression of the Bissell PowerClean carpet cleaner was good – it’s modern style and quite sleek – and compared to the bulky machines you can rent at the supermarket, it’s practically a dummy.

When unpacking there are a number of parts to assemble and the instructions were based on pictures with no written instructions telling you what to do.

Despite that, it was really simple to build – a few clicks in place here and there and voila, it was ready to go about five minutes later.

It comes with a small container of cleaning solution, which is diluted in water and placed on the front of the device. Again, a simple process that didn’t take too long to set up.


How did it work?

Once plugged in, with the tank full of fresh water and cleaning solution, the carpet cleaner was ready to roll.

You press a big red on / off button to turn it on and the cleaner is gone.

The Bissell PowerClean can perform both wet and dry cleaning and for wet cleaning all you need to do is press a gray button on the handlebars as you move it across your floor to release the water to the floor. gradually.

As a newbie to carpet cleaning, we found that the ease of use of the machine was not entirely intuitive as we didn’t know what the wet gray button was used for at first, but it is. likely due to inexperience, and there are a number of instructional videos available if you get stuck.

We tried to dry clean the carpets which didn’t have a huge impact. Instead, we found the best for brightening up carpets was the wet setting, which was really effective in removing stains and marks.

How was the performance?

In short: impressive. Its 600 watt motor and four cleaning brushes really made sense when reviewing our old cream carpets.

The old makeup stains that would not move for the vacuum cleaner lifted very well, without a trace.

General grime, hair, and grime also appeared – they took on more than expected, and the dirty water tank quickly took on a surprising shade of brown. We knew the carpets were dirty, but surely not that dirty?

It took about 20 minutes to clean our entire room and by that time the clean water tank needed to be refilled. It was slightly disappointing that it couldn’t stretch a bit longer, although the Bissell PowerClean takes pride in its compact design and, admittedly, that would be compromised with a much larger tank.

Its tank size is 2.36 liters, which is respectable – Bissell’s other lightweight and more expensive cleaner, the Hydrowave, has a capacity of 1.7 liters, while the much larger models have a upper limit of about 4 liters.

The rugs themselves have been significantly refreshed and brighter. Even where there were no stains, the rugs were lighter in color than at the beginning.

They also smelled great, a fresh, springtime scent that wasn’t too strong and gave us the general impression that they had had a good cleanse.


How long have the carpets left to dry?

After using it throughout the house, the carpets were damper than wet and much less saturated than expected.

Within half an hour they were noticeably drier and it took about two hours to feel completely dry.

Is it easy to clean?

It was really simple to take apart – Bissell seems to have considered cleaning every part of the machine and they came out to clean it up quickly and easily.

It’s amazing how much dirt can build up in machine parts after a short period of use, so we recommend cleaning it after each use for the best results.

Bissell PowerClean carpet cleaner: the verdict

The Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner is a fantastic, value-for-money buy that will give your carpets a whole new life without stretching your bank balance.

It’s compact, lightweight, easy to use and most importantly, does the job of a carpet cleaner perfectly.

  • Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner, £ 149.99 from Bissell – buy here

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