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Chennai Agency Whoa Mama Design Creates Sizzling Opening Sequence For Koffee With Karan

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India]September 20: Engaging audiences in an entertaining and never-before-seen youth format is what Bollywood filmmaker and host Karan Johar has achieved with the opening sequence of Koffee with Karan Season 7 on national television. The search for a new approach to the opening sequence led Karan Johar’s team to turn to South for creative direction. This task was successfully undertaken by the renowned agency Whoa Mama Design, based in Chennai.

Excited about the show project, Anek Ahuja, co-founder and business manager of Whoa Mama Design, reveals some inside news: “Karan Johar gave us a concept as a starting point for the film, and from there, we fleshed it out in a kick-ass script that Karan was also happy to have as the opening sequence of Koffee season 7 with Karan.In fact, for starters, we were pleasantly surprised when the members of the Karan Johar’s team, including Aneesha Baig, Jahnvi Obhan and Snehal Ahire, contacted us based on work they had seen on our agency’s official website. This was a first for us, and we were very involved. and involved in this project.

Shaun D’sa, co-founder and creative lead of agency Whoa Mama Design, opened up about the design process. He said: “Karan Johar is a natural and filming with him was a pleasure. On the day of filming, we needed less than a few hours for him to nail every micro-expression and look. With his associated performance to the right mix of stylists, models, and crew, we’ve created a super stylish opening sequence that rightly captures the flavor of Koffee with Karan. To fully understand the finer details, we spent a lot of time with our director, Rohit Prabhu, to plan and conceptualize everything from the flow of the set to the choreography of the sequence.While the script itself was simple – it was just an almost seamless shot of Karan rolling on the carpet red in a luxury car and interacting with peers, friends and other celebrities on the red carpet in his usual style – we needed to create an aura of excitement, hype, gossip, fashion and style that is synonymous with the sp ectacle.”

As audiences demand more and more of this iconic show, Koffee with Karan, Season 7 is back with a youthful twist. The title sequence was conceptualized by Karan Johar, produced by Dharmatic Entertainment and creatively directed and shot by Chennai-based branding, communications and design agency – Whoa Mama Design. From the mood boards for the set design – to the costume planning – to the hairstyles and make-up, the casting and the auditions, the entire project was ably led by Whoa Mama Design.

The very first episode of the series has caused a stir on social networks. Interestingly, the last six seasons of this show aired over a span of 17 years. While the stars of the talk show keep the audience spellbound, it’s also the scintillating title sequence that provides a jaw-dropping moment and insight into the fabulous lives of Bollywood actors, led by the star-maker himself, Karan Johar.