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Creative animal crossing underwater design uses frozen trees for coral

While countless jaw-dropping creations have come out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one coral reef build stands out as particularly unique.

Another dedicated and talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons honored the gaming community with a unique creation, this time themed around a coral reef with clever use of frozen trees. The 2020 Nintendo Switch title has spawned countless awe-inspiring buildings, landscapes, and other intriguing artwork since its launch, with some gamers even recreating locations from contemporary movies like turn red in animal crossing.

Despite its simplistic and cartoonish art style, the animal crossing The franchise has no shortage of options for gamers looking to flex their creative muscles. In New Horizons specifically, players are dropped on an island and quickly indebted to series mainstay Tom Nook – an event that serves as a catalyst for crafting adventures. Through the game’s various building and customization systems, players can collect and organize a seemingly endless amount of furniture, decorative accents, structures, and other items. Some of these pieces can be further modified with custom designs. Area rugs, floor textiles, and wallpaper can also be used inventively to great effect, especially for gamers looking to take a more experimental approach to animal crossing built.


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When it comes to dense and highly detailed images Animal Crossing: New Horizons creations, a recent piece by Reddit user AuriVega stands head and shoulders above most. In a post shared with the animal crossing subreddit, AuriVega shows off its coral reef-style construction, which is full of fish statues, bioluminescent plants, and brightly colored frozen trees used in place of coral. A deep blue pattern has been applied to the floor and several surfaces of the room, giving the space the appearance of an underwater sanctuary.

Companion animal crossing players in the comments section are praising AuriVega for their underwater construction, and for good reason; creation is a great display of artistic ingenuity, even compared to other biome-specific constructs like the Bandicoot Crash from Animal Crossing recreation in the jungle. Something that might jump out at fans is AuriVega’s use of frozen trees as protruding pieces of coral. These items aren’t typically used in many builds, so this player’s ability to reuse them is certainly impressive. Other details, like the multiple layers of the area, add to its overall appeal.

Submarine style creations are quite rare in animal crossing, as players tend to lean more towards tropical or urban aesthetics when approaching natural builds. However, given the game’s island setting, one might consider a replica coral reef somewhat appropriate. The creation of AuriVega may even inspire others Animal Crossing: New Horizons players to iterate on this style.

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Source: AuriVega/Reddit

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