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‘Cruella’s Jenny Beavan Wins Best Costume Design Oscar, Honors Her ‘Inner Cruella’ With Outfit

Jenny Beavan won an Oscar on Sunday for Best Achievement in Costume Design for his work on Disney’s Cruel.

This is Beavan’s third Oscar for costume design, having won in 2016 for Mad Max: Fury Road and in 1987 for A room with a view.

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Beavan began his acceptance speech by joking, “If you hear a really embarrassing noise, it’s probably my family up there somewhere.”

Based on the iconic villain of 101 Dalmatians, Cruel follows a young woman named Estella (Emma Stone) who dreams of being a fashion designer. When she manages to land her dream job as a designer for the Baroness (Emma Thompson), Estella quickly becomes convinced that she deserves more in life. Taking on the persona of Cruella, she becomes a rival to the Baroness with a rebellious sense of fashion.

Beavan says her outfit choice tonight was “to honor my inner Cruella,” which included “graffiti” by her costume illustrator Thom Botwood.

“When Kristen Burr and Craig Gillespie asked me to do this movie,” Beavan says, “I actually almost said no…the only reason I didn’t do it was because Clare Spragge said she would come aboard as the costume supervisor… I also owe thanks Nadia [Stacey]Noemie [Donne] and Julia [Vernon], our makeup and hair team,” says Beavan, “because they complete the look. It would look a bit sad to put a Cruel disguise with my hair.

Other nominees for Best Costume were Cyrano (Massimo Cantini Parrini and Jacqueline Durran), Dunes (Jacqueline West and Robert Morgan), alley of nightmares (Luis Sequeira), and West Side Story (Paul Tazwell).

Check out his speech above and behind-the-scenes comments below.

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