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Design Recipes: Shades of Blue | Siouxland Homes

Cathy Hobbs Tribune Press Office

For those looking for an alternative to black, consider blue. Whether deep and dark or light and bright, blue is a versatile choice. In many cases, you can also use blue to add richness and glamor without overwhelming a space. Looking for interesting and innovative ways to incorporate the color blue into your home? Here are a few tips.

1. Use shades of blue with undertones of white like turquoise or dusty blue in spaces that don’t get a lot of light.

2. Incorporate blue to create a soothing and calm environment.

3. Consider blue a choice for inspirational furniture such as desks, side tables, and artwork.

4. Choose blue in bathrooms and spaces where you want to incorporate a feeling of water, such as vacation and beach homes.

5. Experiment with layering different shades of blue in a space, such as using artwork, accessories, and textiles like rugs.

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