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Design trends our readers loved and hated in 2021

Love them or hate them, these design trends seemed to be everywhere in 2021, and in our Instagram polls, readers asked which ones were worth hanging on. In our print issues, we’ve compiled the most compelling and compelling opinions, and we’ve put them all together below.

People were quite divided on most of them. What do you think? Is painted brick unfairly slandered? Are the open kitchen shelves here to stay? Have your say! And if there are any trends you see coming in the New Year that you would like to submit for a vote, let us know in the comments below.

January / February: Glass Brick

Glass brick: modern chic or horrible 80s?

It reminds me of a gym shower. @ ALIG871

They are a great way to increase natural light in a space. @ LOGAN.SCT

Literally my least favorite material. @PARKINPERSPECTIVE

Do not like. Immediately think of Legos. @LAURIE_NATURALLY_

To like. It’s bright but subtle and works with modern decor. @ DOUBLE.PERSPECTIVE.PHOTO

Let the light in, but it’s also private. @GIRLINAPTB

Interesting for offices, really ugly for a house. @ W. CALHOUN

Love for a solid wall, hate for a closed window! @FRANCOISROUZIOUX

I would much prefer a glass brick wall rather than a mortar wall. @MARICA_LEASK

I like the idea, but I don’t like it in many real designs. @JONTHNQUININ

Beautiful but $$$. @MAJIDABOGA

I love it because he is so open. He brings the outside in and out. @PSTEGINK

Seems dated, not timeless. @ MATT.BOSTWICK

To like. It’s modern. @WANTEDDESIGN

52% love

48% hate

March / April: Shelving open

Open shelving: higher level or embodied space?

Convenient, easy to organize. @RUDYSPECTIVE

Greasy dirt collector. @BELLSPELL

Opens up the space and allows more light. @TESSMIX

Organizing a kitchen with your glasses and ceramics is part of beauty! @MCKENZIEXCANADAY

Love it in moderation. It doesn’t work for everything, but it’s great for the things you use all the time. @ MERISSAREED.DESIGNS

It’s beautiful and it forces us not to be messy hoarders! @ESPERBS

I don’t want to have to think about how nicely organized my kitchen items are. @MICHELANNELI

Only works when you have tons of storage space elsewhere. @MECHICAV

Too much time. @ AMYBUTLER.RVA

It brings out my inner minimalism. And I love her. @ KOAKLEY1122

With kids and family, it’s hard to stay organized. If I lived alone I would consider it. @ SUSANA.CS

It looks modern if you know how to do it. @ROBLEARTE

Dust. Cats. Dusty cats. @MOSTLYBEARDY

61% love

39% hate

May / June: Barn Doors

Barn Doors: Is It Time To Put The Barn Door To Pasture?

I love the idea of ​​a sliding door, but why does it have to be a barn door? @ ANNAVARGHESE215

It seems too trendy, and we are on the side of declining this trend. @CURDTEWBRE

To like. It’s a feature, a space saver, and a piece of composition. @PJ_SCHAEFER

They don’t block noise and light leaks, especially with hardwood floors. @ JUST.SUPERNOVA

It doesn’t take up space when swaying around the room and also adds a focal point. @SUNSOWN

It adds so much character to what would typically be a blank wall and makes a doorway better. @EM_NORK

The barn doors belong to a barn. Bring back the pocket door. So elegant if done right. @ARTWILLIA

Adds texture to a room. Versatility too! @AYEARIKARI

They are unstable and often poorly executed. @TINACIOUSZ

Not enough privacy. Also robs you of wall space to hang artwork. @SHOTBYSTEPHENJAMES

The door itself can be a work of art. @KAISER_ATX

I don’t want to live like I’m in a barn. I am not a farm animal. @FANCYCLAIR

52% love

48% hate

July / August: Painted Brick

Painted brick: splashy statement or all failed?

Easier to clean. @BOSTONTWO

Painted brick is like painting hardwood. You mask its uniqueness. @NORDLYSLODGINGCO

I love the unexpected pop of color combined with the texture of the brick. It is visually interesting. @ PROPERVILLAIN9

What, do I live in a fire station? Yuck. @HCALB

The patina on the brick is the best part. Why cover it up? @FRANKLEZBLEU

It reminds me of 1965. @NORTHFORKNICCI

It reminds me of when a fraternity house “refreshed” before the parents’ weekend … @ALSELS

It’s a lovely way to showcase brick which is otherwise drab and dated! @ 737PILOTMIKE

It’s ugly, and I hate it. @LYTTLEBIRDIE

Sometimes brick just isn’t pretty, and people are just preserving it rather than enjoying it. @FRANK_AND_OLLIE

It reminds me of grandma’s basement. @SHEENANAGAINS

So funny! Don’t listen to those Debbie Downers. @EASTFACINGCONDO

I spoke to Brick. He says, “I don’t like it.” @_ANDYWILKINSON

43% Love

57% hate

September / October: Terrazzo

Terrazzo: Still stylish or already overdone?

It’s a classic! Cool underfoot and easy to clean. @MIALASSDEA

It looks cheap. You might as well have lino. @GEARETAL

I think it’s a great way to reuse materials. @RENAMCCLINTOCK

Too busy. @DWELLULO

I think it’s beautiful, but I know it will feel (again) dated in a few years. @ALEXROTEN

It’s a classic that should stick around, like subway tiles, concrete, mid-century furniture, etc. @DJOUGOULET

Classic on the ground! But the terrazzo cups? Candlesticks? Planters? Exaggerated. @KRISTI_STO

This is at the end of the trend. When it’s in McDonald’s renovations, you know it’s over. @HARDGOODSCO

Growing up in Miami, he seemed to be everywhere. It brings back great memories to me. @THEBULLFIGHTER

It is timeless and beautiful. And in the deep south, it’s cool underfoot. @BETHEMOO

Easily pull many colors into a space and add texture without looking overdone. @MISSYDUTTON

78% love

22% hate

November / December: carpet layering

Carpet layering: lots of personality or just too much?

Gives character to a room. @IRMAQUEIROS

It looks chaotic, and I don’t want an uneven surface for the furniture. @LAAROJ

Danger of tripping! @ MAMMASAN4

Good for acoustics and adds layers to a room, especially if there isn’t a lot of other decor. @ URBAN ARCHITECTS

It’s like adding a scarf to your sweater and having a nice jacket to finish it off. @STEPHENCALEBED

Too 1960. @ ORIANA2249

The bottom mat gets dirty and its color will only fade on exposed areas. @FOREVERATHLETIC

I have a rotten apartment carpet. Layering covers allows me to cover more. @CPAIGERAM

Adds texture and color. Feels bohemian. @KIMBERLYKMGOLDFARB

Too expensive. @_ZAP

Not functional for living with children / dogs / high foot traffic. @HAUTEXHIPPIE


41% love

59% hate

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