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Home Decor Ideas: Homeowner Wants To Refresh His Childhood Home Without Losing Its History

Liz Miller’s client, who grew up in this 1930s Colonial in Newton Center, asked her to balance competing initiatives. “He wanted to make it his own while staying true to the family history,” she says. This involved working with existing architectural details while altering the layout to bring light and improve circulation to the first floor. For a fresh aesthetic that doesn’t feel out of place, Miller blended the old with the new. “The upholstered pieces have clean silhouettes that offset the antiques so they don’t look so traditional,” she explains.

1 The tweed upholstery gives a casual touch to the sofa with straight arms. “I want salons to look like a perfect black dress, so you can dress it up and down,” Miller says. “This fabric does that.” The three-seater style and silhouette is functional for entertaining and naps.

2 Custom drapes in a linen and cotton blend soften the room and blend with the architecture, giving the illusion of extending the space.

3 “The client wanted a nice place to read,” explains the designer. “The bay window is perfect for a daybed.” The woven leather pillow brings the woodsy tones to this side of the room.

4 Miller recut an opening to the study that had at one point been closed to make way for a piano. “The glass door lets light into that back room for a brighter workspace and improves circulation,” she says.

5 The designer painted the fireplace off-white to contrast the soft gray paint with a touch of blush she chose for the walls. “I prefer a mix of old/new and hot/cool.”

6 Miller chose a rug that has an overall pattern without a strong center. “It lets the eye wander and makes the room feel larger,” she says. She was also careful not to cover the entire herringbone floor.

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