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How to Design an Open Concept Home to Maximize Space

Open plan homes are now the norm in urban India as living spaces become smaller. We are seeing a proliferation of layouts with multi-purpose spaces that make the most of square footage. Room dividers are the most popular design feature used to define different areas of a compact home, but they’re not the only option. Here are 10 ways to divide an open plan layout into smaller areas.

Introduce a wall shelf

Create a shelving wall as it is a wonderful way to divide spaces in open plan homes. The biggest advantage of a wall shelf is that it lets light in and provides plenty of storage as well as display space. Consider a wall shelf with closed storage below and display shelves above.

Use shelves to divide spaces, like in this Mumbai home by MuseLab

Create an accent screen

Give your home decor a quick makeover with a highly functional and decorative accent screen or perforated mesh screen. Opt for wooden slats, metal grid or CNC cut panels in materials like wood, solid surface or metal.

Let furniture do double duty

Why opt for partitions when low-rise furniture can compartmentalize the house into different sections. Introduce a sectional sofa or a long bench to separate the living room from the dining area. If you have a spacious bedroom, a tall headboard can divide the bedroom into two sections. Opt for a rotating TV cabinet that can divide the sleeping area and the living room area of ​​the bedroom. In open kitchens, the island counter can serve as a visual divider between the open kitchen and the rest of the house.

Use a glass partition

A glass partition or door is a stylish way to separate two areas without obstructing views. Go for a clear glass partition or go for frosted, tinted glass or a translucent glass partition so no one bumps into it.