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How to Design Your Nursery Like Joanna Gaines

Right after the birth of her fifth child, Crew, Joanna Gaines shared a beautiful image via her instagram of the little one resting peacefully in a baby chair. Not only was it a tender moment that was beautifully captured, but it also gave everyone an exclusive look at the nursery that Gaines created. By using natural tones such as beige, soft whites and lighter wood colors, the room remains bright yet pleasantly soft on the eye. Perfect for a newborn to see the world but also fall asleep at the right time.

A dark stained wooden crib is softened by light linens and a cozy blue baby blanket with adorable fluffy pom poms. A plush rug sits in the middle of the floor and is an absolute must in any nursery as it can be the perfect place to entertain your baby while keeping parents comfortable as they join their toddlers. small at the same level. The room is decorated almost in bohemian chic style, with warm tones playing alongside natural wood elements. It proves that a baby’s room doesn’t need to be overstimulated with bright colors and hard plastic elements, but can instead benefit from a more mature, simplistic vibe. According The EveryMomit might be a good idea to design a room that can age with your child to make it a nice space for parents and baby.