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How to make an easy Yin Yang designer rug

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The search for a branch decorative piece that will tie the room with comfort and harmony? This elegant yin yang mat is just what you need! On this episode of Namely: DIY, ICT Tac star and DIY expert, Tay BeepBoop (@taybeepboop), shows how to do the viral yin yang mat, which will provide both balance and style to your residence.

Tools and materials used

Step 1: trace your pattern

Start by tracing your design on the back of one of the rug. Flip a rug on its back, then fold it into quarters, marking a point in the center of the rug. Next, add two marks above and below the center line. Place the bowl in the center of the top half of the mat, between the top mark and the center mark, then draw a circle around the bowl. Next, place the bowl between the center mark and the bottom mark, and draw another circle.

Once you have your circles, dot a bowl length from each circle, forming a yin yang curve (it should look like an “S”). Then use the marker to connect the points of the curve.

Step 2: Cut

Use the retractable utility knife to cut out the drawn pattern.

Step 3: Trace and cut the second mat

Lay your two pieces from the first rug on the back of the second mat, making sure they are perfectly aligned. Then trace the pattern of the pieces on the second mat. Tay uses a thinner pen here instead of the thicker marker, to make sure no ink gets on the first mat. Once the pattern is drawn, cut the pieces.

Step 4: Combine the pieces

Combine a half of the first mat, a half of the second mat, a circle of the first mat and a circle of the second mat, so that it looks like a yin yang. Be sure to choose any extra down that extends from the bottom of the rugs. Use on one side only carpet seam tape to glue the pieces together. Once the pieces are glued together, step on the mat with your feet to seal the tape. Feel free to make another mat with the remaining pieces!

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