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I tried the £1 B&M carpet cleaner Mrs Hinch loved and the scent lasted for hours – Emily Sleight

Last week, cleaning queen Ms Hinch declared one of her “must-have” cleaning products, a £1.89 product from B&M.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Hinch has favored ‘1001 Carpet Fresh Pet’ carpet cleaner in Thai Orchid & Passionfruit scent. Since it’s so easy to buy from B&M or Home Bargains, I had to get my hands on the product to see what it was all about.

Ms Hinch says the spray ‘freshens up’ carpets in a flash, without the need for vacuuming. On the back of the product, the description states that the spray “eliminates everyday tobacco and cooking odors” and is ideal to use “after or between vacuuming”.

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The fine foam is said to “dry in minutes” and tackles lingering, stubborn odors to leave your room smelling fresh and fragrant. Despite the popularity surrounding this nifty product, I managed to get my hands on a spray can fairly easily at my local Home Bargains for £1.89, now was the time to try it out.

The spray

The spray was in a pretty pink box and contained 300ml of product, and given that it cost £1.89 you got a decent amount for the price. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the spray given that there’s a lot of hype around it, so I vacuumed it first before applying it to my carpet.

As the product description explains, you don’t have to use it after vacuuming, you can use it during or after, or if you don’t have time to vacuum at all. It is also available in a few other scents including Soft Jasmine & Linen and Exotic Flowers & Pink Grapefruit.

I sprayed the product on my carpet right after vacuuming and was surprised at the consistency of the spray. It was quite a thick lather, to the point where I panicked it was going to leave marks on my carpet!

It was foamy and thick in consistency but dried quickly

Sure enough, the foam was gone in seconds and left my mat smelling amazing and feeling plush and plump. Applying the spray was also nice and easy, and the nozzle allowed for a nice even distribution of the product.

I couldn’t believe how long the smell actually lasted. Two hours after spraying the product, I could still smell it on the stairs and on my carpet downstairs. It wasn’t as strong but it was definitely still present.

I may be new to the world of cleaning, but I’ve never really used a product like this before and it seriously impressed me. It left every room smelling fresh and clean for hours and finished my spring cleaning perfectly.

The verdict

I was quite amazed by this product, especially considering the price. For those looking for a quick refreshing fix, this spray is definitely a good option. There have been countless times I’ve vacuumed my carpet and every room hasn’t felt fresh (probably down to my dog), but now this dream product is definitely the answer.

I totally understand why Mrs. Hinch loves this product, and will continue to use it for a quick spritz when cleaning my house. Buy the spray from Tesco here or find it at your local B&M or Home Bargains.

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