Carpet design

Ikea’s due mostre at Milano Design Week 2022

Ögonblickthe gaze, the snapshot that imprisons a moment, is the name of the first exhibition, scattering between the interior and exterior of Base a set of five , each of them illustrating a precise moment in human life.

A giant disco ball is parked in front of the entrance, leading to a Single for the first time situation, makes it a landscape of pillows where people sleep, work, eat, relax and socialize. Then, inside an igloo of boxes, the life of a new couple takes its first steps, the objects of two lives mingling in an enthusiastic combination, and nothing will delay “that champagne picnic on the carpet “. So what happens if a family grows? No doubt the combination of this question with the imaginary Ikea immediately results in the iconic Ball PoolMT, which de facto invades the central courtyard of the Festival (becoming a stage if necessary). But few norms are as unrealistic as the concept of the nuclear family itself — we are human beings, not doves: thus the protagonist of another To live alone story invites us into its uniformly textured box of flowers of the same fabric (their universe, their rules. Who are you to question them?), and a long collective table winds through the spaces, telling us about a multigenerational coexistence against which no one will ever oppose.