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Improve the thermal comfort of your home with Expol

Have you purchased an existing home recently? Read on to find out how you can make your home’s interior more thermally efficient and comfortable as part of the general renovations you’re considering.

For example, you might want to rip out the carpet and leave the boards exposed. In summer, when the sun warms the house, your newly exposed floorboards will make the interiors cooler. However, winter will be a completely different experience as the first tendrils of cold air will creep through cracks in the floorboards, turning your toes into icicles. Although a rug can help keep the floor covered, it won’t be effective in keeping the cold out.

Maybe you just need to crank up your heating and run it longer throughout the day? Of course, your electricity bill will skyrocket.

There is a solution to prevent cold air from seeping into your home in the winter and increasing your electricity bill: insulation. Depending on the age of your home, chances are you already have insulation in your walls and ceiling in some form or another, but we’re not talking about that.

Few homeowners know that there is a solution to prevent cold air from leaking through the floorboards. No, it’s not about re-carpeting or using oversized rugs; it is floor insulation.

Foamex Expol Subfloor Insulation is the perfect choice for existing homes. Placed comfortably between floor joists, Expol subfloor insulation will ensure your home is protected from extreme temperatures below your floor. Expol has excellent thermal properties because it consists mainly of stabilized air; it is safe to install, non-allergenic and also contains a flame retardant. Its thermal performance is not affected by aging and it does not contain CFCs.

So how difficult is it to install Expol subfloor insulation in an existing home? It’s actually fairly easy :

  • Measure joist spacing for consistency
  • Trim the Expol to fit (leave an extra 5mm for a firm fit)
  • Slide the panels between the joists
  • Mount Expol fittings
  • Place Expol Wireguard around cables
  • Leave 100mm near pipes and plumbing for future maintenance

Expol subfloor insulation has been designed for use by DIYers and professionals alike. What are the benefits of using Expol to insulate your home?

  • We have 16 years of experience in the insulation industry
  • Our products are BRANZ approved
  • 50 year product warranty
  • More insulation for minimum cost
  • Proven R-value of 1.4
  • Installation service available in certain areas of Victoria and NSW
  • Product packed in bags ready to be transported throughout the country

Expol floor insulation is the perfect solution for your existing home. It helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it can save you up to 12% on your electricity bill.