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Interior design: use the ‘natural color palette’ to keep your home ‘timeless’ – ‘never dated’

Interior design can help improve a space by making it better suited to its purpose. Upholstery fabrics can also be added to make a home more comfortable. While interior design is a matter of personal taste, one expert has shared top tips for keeping a home “timeless.”

Rob Lessmann, MD and founder of luxury interior design studio, Design’d Livingtold “Whether you stay at home is all up to your personal taste.

“But if you wanted to sell or rent your property, avoid bold patterns and colors as they don’t appeal to all tastes.

“Lighting trends come and go very quickly, so trying to keep classic, traditional lighting with a warm white look is always something I suggest.”

Regarding the interior, the expert said that certain designs can reduce the value of the property.

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However, some models can quickly go out of style.

Rob recommended going for a classic design that is “timeless” and “never dated”.

He added: “For example, we typically use a complementary natural color palette as a base, which allows for color trends to be added with cushions and accessories.”

Painting the walls white or cream as well as using neutral rugs is a great way to keep a home “timeless”.

According to Vicky Salmon, chief florist at Interflora, biophilic interior design is “becoming more and more popular”.

She added: “More of us are looking to bring elements from the outdoors into our homes, populating areas with plants that have both physical and mental well-being benefits as well as being aesthetically beautiful. to watch.”

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature.

This could involve bringing plants indoors as well as indoor trees and wooden architecture.