Carpet cleaner

Introducing the Tineco Carpet One Spot Carpet Cleaner

This year’s IFA was full of new products for tech fans. But it was by no means about televisions, laptops and hi-fi technology. The consumer electronics show also had a lot to offer when it came to home appliances. Tineco had some exciting highlights to showcase. Among other things, the Tineco Carpet One Spot was part of the show.

Automatic carpet cleaning with Tineco Carpet One Spot

With the Tineco Carpet One Spot, another carpet cleaner awaits us from the experts in smart household helpers. Unlike the classic Carpet One, this one is supposed to offer a bit more independence. This means that it offers the special set-and-go mode. Here, the manufacturer promises that stubborn stains will be detected automatically. If so, the smart carpet cleaner should be able to automatically adjust settings such as the amount of water and the speed of the rollers without further ado. The iLoop Smart Sensor reliably detects the degree of soiling. This has a practical LED that signals the user by means of a blue color that the area is clean.

Comfortable cleaning of upholstery and carpets

We have already been able to verify that Tineco attaches great importance to comfort during our tests of the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner (test) and the Tineco Floor One S5 suction wiper (test). Even with the new carpet cleaner, the manufacturer promises one thing above all else: high user comfort. Especially people who are tired of cleaning stubborn stains on upholstery or carpets by hand should feel concerned. Comfort is not only ensured by the fact that you do not have to bend down thanks to the design of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, the manufacturer provides the carpet vacuum cleaner with a rechargeable battery. So you can do without annoying plugging in and wandering from socket to socket.

Tineco One Spot Rug
Image: Tineco

To easily remove wet dirt, spills or other stubborn stains, the Tineco Carpet One Spot relies on a motorized cleaning head and combines it with strong suction power. Thus, the surface to be cleaned is first moistened and the resulting dirty water is then sucked off. The dirty water then collects in the container of the carpet cleaner. To prevent this from causing unpleasant odors, the device is cleaned after each use at the press of a button.

Price and availability

In total, there would be two different versions of the Tineco Carpet One Spot. The standard model is expected to launch at an MSRP of $399. For the Pro model, the manufacturer wants to charge 499 US dollars. In November, the two new products will then be launched on the Tineco and Amazon sites.