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Key Design Tips To Convert Any Home Into A Tranquil Space – Happiness Quest News

Design Consortium India Principal Architect Nilanjan Bhowal explains how to create spaces that exude a sense of calm

Lead Architect of Design Consortium India, Nilanjan Bhowal explains how happiness is made at home

Architecture and interior design goes far beyond optimizing space, light and ventilation needs and requires a more holistic approach, keeping in mind mental well-being and happiness. of its inhabitants. Here are key design tips that can turn any home into a tranquil space:

1. Put lots of greenery and use therapeutic plants such as palm tree, snake plant, spider plant and aloe vera. If there is a green area for planting, grow your own microgreens. Caring for plants, watching them grow and caring for them psychologically heals the mind.

2. Make sure every room gets enough natural light and ventilation by creating larger windows and openings. Use light fabrics and light colors on the walls so they reflect lots of light. Bright, cheerful spaces create a happy home.

3. Colors affect the composition and mood of the room. Going back to the basics of color theory, each shade of the spectrum brings out a specific emotion. Keep the walls in neutral tones as they remain permanent, but rotate artifacts, accessories, throws and rugs.

4. Too much clutter can harm the harmony of the space; cluttered spaces lead to a cluttered mind. Minimalism is a philosophy known for creating well-being.

5. Create a corner in the house as your wellness corner, where you can be alone and meditate, read a book or just sit and listen to music. You can even convert balconies and smaller alcoves into nice nooks for your wellness area by placing room dividers and furniture.

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