Carpet design

Last Look: Southern Interior Design, Reinvented

1. The house is a beautiful blend of a traditional Hamptons style house with the bathroom which has a modern twist. We wanted the wallcovering to impact the space and bring some of the natural exterior beauty inwards. To extend this concept, we painted the ceiling in a soft shade of blue. You will see that the carpet has a really interesting pattern to give the space a pleasant and unexpected touch. All these mixed patterns create an eclectic aesthetic – that was our goal.

2. We wanted this bathroom to look a lot like a spa. The plumbing and tiles certainly look like a modern spa, but then we mixed patterns and natural “old” decor pieces with earth tones to balance out the new. These decor elements give the space many interesting layers – it makes you want to look again.

3. Kalista plumbing was a nice modern addition to the room. It has clean lines with an elongated shape which is framed by the beautiful window behind it which overlooks the courtyard and pool. The shape and style of this tub reinforces the desire for a spa-like bathroom; it’s quite retirement

Miretta Interiors is a full-service interior design firm led by designer Zandy Gammons. Based in Raleigh, NC, the team is known for their ability to weave layered, colorful and textual elements into spaces, creating true classics that push the boundaries of traditional southern interiors.