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Laura Linney asked Christian Siriano to design her Emmy look

Laura Linney already has her Emmy look being worked on by Christian Siriano.

“Laura Linney was just nominated for an Emmy and asked me to make her an Emmy dress, so that’s exciting,” Siriano revealed to Page Six.

Linney received a Best Actress nomination for her role as Wendy Byrde in the Netflix drama “Ozark” this week.

She celebrated by attending the opening of Siriano’s new major retail store, The Collective West. Linney was among several Siriano VIP guests, including celebrity clients such as Katie Holmes, Debra Messing and her leading muse and best friend Coco Rocha, who all traveled to Westport, Connecticut for the cocktail party on Tuesday night.

Siriano described Linney as one of her many muses and told us, “we’re going to stick to that,” when it comes to designing the dress for her big night.

Laura Linney
Linney received a Best Actress Emmy nomination for her role in “Ozark.”
Getty Images for Christian Siria

Her latest project, however, goes beyond red carpet fashion.

Her new store features home furnishings from Swoon Westport, Josh Levkoff jewelry and her boyfriend Kyle Smith’s menswear and unisex clothing line, Future Lovers of Tomorrow. Siriano, who bought a house in Westport before the pandemic hit, said he chose to open the store in his ‘adopted hometown’ because New York transplants needed a place to do their shopping.

Christian Siriano and Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes was also on hand to celebrate Siriano’s new store.
Getty Images for Christian Siria

“I love New York and I love my world in New York…it was something so special for this world here to bring some New York glamour,” he said.

Siriano added that the New York glamor was “just necessary” for “so many people, who moved here from the city during the pandemic and are hungry for a cool place to shop and go.”

The Emmys air on September 12.