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Marrakech Shop Design offers bags, pillows and other products handcrafted by Moroccan artisans

The online store offers products made using traditional Moroccan craftsmanship techniques and sustainable materials while supporting the livelihoods of local artisans.

Founded with the aim of promoting Moroccan heritage, Marrakech Shop Design showcases the know-how of local craftsmen in the country through its online store. The boutique offers a variety of items, all originally designed and handcrafted using the traditional artisanal techniques of the people of Marrakech. The selection includes handbags, straw bags, clutches, straw hats, shoes, vintage rugs, blankets, poufs and pillows.

While serving as an ambassador for the country’s rich culture, Marrakech Shop Design also supports the livelihoods of the local community. According to the founder, Fadil Bourkouli, most artisans come from marginalized families and often struggle to earn a sustainable income. The company provides a platform where the people of Marrakech can market their work as well as their treasured traditions.

The online store also promotes sustainability. The materials used in many of its products come from the local region, including palm fronds and reeds. Organic materials provide proven quality while minimizing carbon emissions.

The products themselves tell the story of this meaningful partnership between the boutique brand and the people of Marrakech. The creations are the fruit of the collaboration between the creative director and founder of the company and the native craftsmen of the region.

The care and attention to detail that makers put into their work is clearly seen in the intricacy of the items. At the same time, they come to life with modern and colorful designs. Some merchandise can even be personalized and make great options for giveaways and event items.

As one satisfied customer attests, “Absolutely in love with this bag. Getting married in Tulum and buying these for my bridesmaids. Can’t wait to give them to them.

Shoppers also appreciate the store’s expedited shipping option. “Fast service, super fast delivery. Better than expected!” reads a comment.

The Instagram page of Marrakech Shop Design, @marrakechshopdesignhas a growing number of subscribers which currently has over 27,000 subscribers.

The company’s diverse selection can be browsed by category on its e-commerce site. Online shoppers can also view products from the store’s different collections inspired by different seasons and themes. These include Love, Easter, Mother’s Day, Evil Eye, Daisy Flowers, I Support Liberty, and Halloween.

Payments made through the site are guaranteed safe and protected by a Secure Socket Layer or SSL protocol. Customers have several payment options, including Amex, Apple Pay, Discover, Facebook Pay, Google Pay, Master Card, Paypal, Shop Pay, Venmo, and Visa. For retailers and bulk orders, Marrakech Shop Design also offers wholesale pricing.

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