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New in the Soo: trendy design with the unmistakable ambience of Mio

The showroom is updated with fresh styles and the air is almost electric with an energy customers know as “Mio’s Vibe”.

The showroom is updated with fresh styles and the air is almost electric with an energy customers know as “Mio’s Vibe”.

But it’s not just new trends that have supercharged the space: it’s the passion and energy of the Mio’s team.

People like product and design consultants Samm and Katie, whose understanding and appreciation of quality and style is reflected in their willingness to share design tips and personal favorites with their clients.

Mio’s Top Picks from Top Designers

Surya is Samm’s choice for rugs that bring comfort and warmth to the space. “Surya works with suppliers all over the world – Italy, Turkey, Pakistan – everywhere and everywhere. They have a wide variety of stylish rugs in different textures, colors and patterns. Everything you can imagine finding in a Surya rug.

Customers can choose from Mio’s selection of in-stock rugs or they can visit the Surya’s website to choose from hundreds of styles, colors and textures in a range of price points. Materials range from 100% natural fibers and leather rugs to easy-care polyester and polypropylene. New this year is Surya’s line of virtually maintenance-free washable rugs, available in dozens of styles and sizes and can be cleaned in the washing machine or even outdoors with a garden hose.

One of the newest names to come into the Mio fold isn’t really “new” at all. “One of the companies that I think didn’t get the prime minister they deserved because of the covid delays is Donald Choi,” Katie says.

Home Donald Choi has been a leader in supplying home furnishings to Canadian furniture retailers since 1971 and works with global partners to design, develop and distribute furniture of exceptional craftsmanship. “These pieces are made in Italy, very comfortable and feature 100% Italian leather, high density foam and Pirelli straps for a very plush feel,” says Katie. “They offer traditional pieces and really impressive modern looks.”

Mio’s has a selection of Donald Choi sofas, chairs and accent pieces in stock, and custom orders are available in a range of leathers and colors to suit any space.

Mio’s tips for staying fashionable this season

Katie’s tip – Keep it light: “Our soil has really changed since Covid started. We noticed that our pieces become very neutral, very monochromatic. This is great for people trying to lighten up their spaces. They use very heavy textures in these beautiful light colors.

Recognizing that light colors can be intimidating to some customers, Zwirner offers additional guidance on fabric selection to protect their investment and preserve the beauty of their new pieces: “Our customers can choose Krypton performance fabrics which are very stain resistant .

Another option is Mio’s Stain Protection program. “Either way, when people are considering their dream home and they want those lightweight pieces but are worried about wear and tear, they’ll be covered.”

Samm’s Tip – Complete it: “I’m a big fan of trim pieces,” says Biocchi, who places accent pillows at the top of the list for their style and versatility.

“I love throw pillows for the same reason I love area rugs – they can really create space and they’re so easy to change.” Samm suggests updating accents such as throwing pillows seasonally to keep the space fresh.

“With something as simple as a pillowcase, you can add textures, patterns and colors. A simple pillow can completely bring a room together.

For more design inspiration, Katie and Samm invite customers to visit the store in person or see what’s in stock via their online showroom. Customers can also follow the latest trends by following their social networks (@miosfurniture) on Facebook and instagram.

Mio’s Furniture Fashions is located at 261 Trunk Road in Sault Ste. Married. Call them today at 705-759-8183 or visit them online here.