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One&Only Cape Town shows off its refresh

One&Only Cape Town has emerged from a complete refresh that sets a new standard for modern luxury. Set on the fashionable V&A waterfront and overlooking Table Mountain, the tranquil luxury resort takes inspiration from the shapes, textures and colors of the setting via a facelift by the London-based company Muza Laboratory in partnership with Kerzner Internationalthe internal team.

“The aim of the redesign was for One&Only Cape Town to reflect its setting, in a modern and inclusive way that celebrates Africa’s creativity and landscape,” said Hakan Ozkasikci, Executive Vice President of Global Design and technical services at Kerzner. “It was important to us to preserve and enhance an elevated residential feel that makes guests instantly feel at home while being in the heart of the urban city.”

The lobby and Vista Bar & Lounge have been redesigned to better connect the interiors to the waterfront setting through references to local mythology and artwork, such as a sculpture by Kenyan artist Stanislaw Trzebinski which dominates the bar. The space is also lined with handmade ceramic decor and intricately patterned carpeting that echoes the topography of the city’s mountainous backdrop. Along with local crafts, Cape flora, which includes thousands of native plant species found nowhere else on the planet, is woven throughout the design to enliven the retreat with color and unique focal points.

The resort’s 133 rooms and suites have also been redesigned with new textures and organic materials to create a holistic storytelling experience. Warm lighting and an earthy color palette contrast with headboards that echo the lines of the bedroom’s ceramic tiles. As well as homages to South Africa’s heritage as a gemstone capital, the Cape Kelp forest is also referenced in bespoke rugs and cushions that evoke marine forestry. Suites deviate slightly from the rustic lobby lounge aesthetic, with calm neutral tones and limestone and African ash tiles.

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