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Pinterest and Article ID 6 exterior design trends based on pinners research

Deep sofas and large potted planters are two of the key trends Pinterest pros are predicting for this summer.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — DTC Enterprise Article has linked up with the social media site pinterest offer six key outdoor and design trends to look forward to this summer.

  1. First, searches for back patio designs are up 13x and searches for outdoor lantern ideas are up 3x on the Pinterest site. Pinterest trend researchers said this year will be “all about outdoor decor.”
  2. A lot of outdoor furniture is made with rattan, which tends not to hold up well to the elements, according to Pinterest trend gurus. They recommend synthetic wicker, which has more strength. Since 2021, searches for “budget patio ideas” have increased 4x.
  3. When it comes to color, warm tones such as orange, mustard and terracotta are “in” as people crave brighter hues, according to Pinterest trend watchers, who said searches for outdoor furniture in heated hues had increased this year. with a sixfold increase in searches for “orange patio decor.”
  4. Larger outdoor pieces are also trending, including deep sofas, sunken lounges and outdoor daybeds, according to Pinterest experts. Searches for “relaxing garden furniture” have increased 4.5 times since last year.
  5. And, folks don’t ignore the floor, searches for outdoor rugs have increased 20-fold since last year, because rugs can often add structure to the area without closing off the space.
  6. Many decorators recommend finishing the area with a large potted plant. Searches for “large outdoor plant pots” have increased 7.8 times this year.

To determine these trends, Pinterest looked at its global internal search data and compared the time periods between February 5 and March 6, 2021 to the time period between February 5 and March 6, 2022.

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