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Spruce Up Your Living Space With These Simple Design Tips

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It doesn’t have to be cold outside to enjoy a warm and inviting living space. But when the cool fall air comes in or the temperatures drop on a blustery winter day, there is nothing better than to kick back and relax in a comfortable atmosphere.

Creating a comfortable space is easier than you might think. Follow these tips to bring out the warm, fuzzy sensations.

Create a reading corner

Turning small spaces, cutouts, and corners into usable space can quickly make a room comfortable. Whether you have a window seat built into the master bedroom, an empty nook in the living room, or a kitchen area with untapped potential, creating a comfortable space to relax and snuggle up with your favorite book at the end of the day is easy and so rewarding.

The amount of space you work with dictates the design of your reading nook. Popular seating choices include a window seat with storage to store your books, a comfy chair with a matching ottoman, or a plush lounge chair. Good lighting is important for reading. If space allows, add a side table with a lamp or floor lamp to illuminate the space. For extra comfort, drape a plush throw or add a plush pillow to your chair. If you need ideas, Country Living offers 25 cozy examples here.

Warm up with throws, blankets and quilts

Throws, blankets and quilts add pops of color to any room and warm a space. You can place them on the armrest or back of a chair, sofa or loveseat. Or, you can layer them on a quilt at the foot of the bed. When it comes to squatting on a cold, rainy, or snowy day, the softer and thicker the throw (like a Sherpa-lined plush) the more comfortable you’ll be. An Afghan or hand-knitted or hand-knitted quilt adds another layer of sentimental and priceless warmth to a space, especially if it is a treasured gift or family heirloom. Elle Décor offers you great examples of throwing.

Pile on the pillows

Pillows complement blankets and throws adding another comfortable design element to any room. They brighten up and give character to neutral furniture. Piles of pillows in different shapes, sizes and fabrics also add texture and style to a comforter or quilt on your bed. See some perfect examples on


Paint with warm tones

Applying a fresh new coat of paint is an easy way to transform any room in your home. White or cream walls can make a room cold and bland. Choosing warm tones like beige, beige, rustic red, curry, yellow and orange spices and more makes a room more comfortable.

Embellish interior spaces with natural accents

Adding flowers, plants and other natural accents to any room makes the environment more comfortable. Whether you grow an herb garden on the windowsill, spruce up a nook with a large potted plant, or place vases of colorful, freshly cut flowers on tables and counters, bringing a bit of the outdoors into your home. any interior space.

Light the fireplace or the candles

There is something soothing about curling up in your favorite chair and watching the flames gently twinkle in the fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, sitting by candlelight has the same soothing and comfortable effect. Candles are an inexpensive decorative piece and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents. Enjoying your favorite dishes throughout the seasons, like cinnamon, apple pie or vanilla, adds another dimension of comfort to any room. To maximize safety and minimize waste, opt for the use of flameless candles.

Layering rugs to soften a space

Hardwood adds charm and beauty to any home, but it’s also chilly underfoot. Incorporating rugs into main living spaces adds charm, color, texture and warmth to any room. Layered rugs also add depth, dimension and comfort to a space. To mix things up, layer a smaller patterned rug on top of a larger, sturdy rug. You can also mix and match textures by layering a shag rug on top of a woven rug. The possibilities are endless: the most important thing is to layer complementary colors and always avoid choosing patterns and shades that are visibly opposed.

Add rustic and lived-in charm

Rustic farmhouse and shabby chic are timeless design patterns that never go out of style. Nothing is more welcoming than a rustic and inhabited space, especially compared to a modern austere and monochrome space.

When considering rustic decor items, think about exposed brick, weathered wood, reclaimed farmhouse dining tables, weathered iron lamp bases, old steamer trunks, antique books, handcrafted throws. hand, etc. Any furniture or decorative piece that looks well worn and as if it has stood the test of time adds a comfortable, inviting and lived-in look to any room. See the beautiful, warm and cozy rustic living room ideas from Country Living here.

Overall, incorporating some or all of these design tips will help you create a comfortable environment that you can’t wait to relax in.

Home Sweet Home is presented by Bella Construction

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