Carpet design

Sufinejad; Winner of several medals at Intl. Design Award

Siavash Sufinejad was born in 1978 in Tehran. A graduate of the National Talent Development Organization (SAMPAD), he entered the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Azad University in Tehran in 1996, then in 2001 continued his studies at the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Azad University in Tehran, majoring in architecture. and he completed his training in philosophy. His academic career began in 2006 when he established the interior design and architecture department of a private college. He has participated in various television and radio programs as an expert in architecture and interior design.

Translating articles, compiling books in the field of decoration and publishing them in interior design magazines are his other activities. Siavash Sufinejad continues his alternative journalistic activities as a producer, making documentaries based on interviews with Iranian designers, artists and architects, to showcase and support Iranian art, creativity and culture.

Siavash Sufinejad, in his artistic life, is a sculptor who works mainly with mirrors on fiber or wood conceptualizing Persian historical architecture and myths and calligraphy.

He has a different view of designing decorative objects, furniture, carpets and lighting objects, he thinks each of these things can be a work of art combining traditional Iranian art and art. modern. It won four gold, silver and bronze medals at the European Product Design Award in 2020-2019, then, in 2021, three awards at the IDA design competition. His work, “Taliq”, was recently presented at the “Domus Design – Tehran 2022” exhibition at the Italian Embassy, ​​in the presence of Mr. Walter Mariotti, editorial director of Domus magazine. This work along with some of his other works of art have been published in the latest issue of Domus magazine, Eyes on Iran.

Her goal is to build bridges between different cultures with her art. He believes, “As Iranians, we have inherited a treasure trove of patterns, designs and shapes with an ancient history that can inspire us in contemporary art. There are not only the patterns on our carpets but also a variety of geometries in traditional architecture such as the Mogharnas on the ceilings of mosques and palaces, flowers and inscriptions on the tiles, colors and patterns of our ancestors in addition to crafts such as inlay. work, enamel work, mosaic work, mirror work and engraving that create an opportunity to be updated to modern art”.

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