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Tailor Made Ferrari Roma bears design elements of Japanese culture, craftsmanship

MANILA: Ferrari unveils a one-of-a-kind Roma model, designed by the Italian car brand’s Tailor Made department. The bespoke Ferrari Roma features exquisite traditional Japanese-inspired detailing and the clean, sophisticated elegance of the original car.


  • What Japanese-inspired elements are found in the Ferrari Roma Tailor Made?

    The blue paintwork of the Tailor Made Ferrari Roma is inspired by Toyama, Japan, the country’s traditional indigo-producing region. The copper elements inside the car come from Kaikado, a Kyoto-based family business known for its iconic copper tea canisters.

  • Where will the Ferrari Roma Tailor Made make its public appearance?

    The Ferrari Roma Tailor Made for Cool Hunting will be on display in the Ferrari Tailor Made Showroom during New York Design Week.

  • Ferrari Tailor Made is an exclusive program for those who want to customize every element of their Ferrari to create a vehicle that truly reflects their personality and tastes. Customers who participate in the Tailor Made program are assisted by a team of experts led by a personal designer who interprets their desires while respecting the aesthetic standards of the Ferrari brand.

    The bespoke Ferrari Roma was born after Evan Orensten and Josh Rubin, the founders of the award-winning independent American publication dedicated to design, culture and technology. fresh hunting, accepted the opportunity to customize a Ferrari Roma. The aim was to explore how far Ferrari’s bespoke personalization program could go and really push the limits.

    Fresh hunting The founders met Ferrari Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni at the Ferrari Tailor Made showroom in New York. They had just returned from several research trips to Japan where they had immersed themselves in the traditional craftsmanship and crafting methods of the country, and offered to bring some of these unique ideas and materials on the Tailor Made trip.

    Flavio Manzoni and his team were inspired by the parallels between Italian and Japanese culture and design philosophy: a resolute dedication to quality, emotional involvement with the customer and exquisite craftsmanship skills passed down from generation to generation.

    An idea formed – to create a Ferrari featuring some of the unique materials developed from traditional Japanese techniques while using the usual Ferrari innovation.

    Traditional Japanese indigo dyes inspired the Ferrari Roma Tailor Made color scheme, in particular the bright blue exterior paint which was specially developed for this car and named Indigo Metal. This bright color perfectly highlights the shape of the Roma – light seems to stream across its bodywork, accentuating its lines through highlights and shadows.

    Indigo is prominent in Japanese design culture and traditional dyeing is produced naturally. Fresh hunting had visited Toyama, one of only five remaining indigo farms in Tokushima, the traditional indigo-growing region of Japan. They learned that the tincture comes from a green plant which, when harvested and fermented, becomes sukumo, traditional dried Japanese indigo that is mixed with lye, sake and limestone powder to create authentic Hon-Ai indigo dye. Due to its antimicrobial properties, it was traditionally used for linens, bedding and clothing.

    The same color palette is used to tie the exterior and interior of Tailor Made Roma together. The indigo hue is also found in the sakiori fabric used for seat upholstery and carpeting.

        Bespoke Ferrari Roma

    Sakiori is one of the oldest examples of recycling in the world, dating back to the 1700s, when cotton and silk were only available to Japanese nobility and the very wealthy. Worn kimonos have been taken apart, their fabric cut into strands and rewoven with new fibers, creating a warm, comfortable and durable material. The word comes from the Japanese saku (tear) and oh (to weave).

    The indigo theme is echoed in the headliner of Tailor Made Roma. It is made of two indigo-dyed skins made with Asai Roektsu in Kyoto – one with a unique solid color designed to match the color scheme of the car, and one hand-painted skin using the Roketsu method, which goes back in the 8th century.

    the Fresh hunting The team was also inspired by a visit to Kaikado, a Kyoto-based family business known for its iconic copper tea canisters. Inspired by this, the copper plating is found in the details of the Roma’s gearshift door surround and levers, which were plated in Japan. The contour of the double cockpits, the rims and the kamon are also made in this color.

        Bespoke Ferrari Roma

    The Ferrari Roma represents the pinnacle of performance in this class, thanks to its turbocharged V8 from the engine family that has won the International Engine of the Year award four years in a row.

    The Ferrari Roma tailor-made for Fresh hunting will be exhibited in the Ferrari Tailor Made showroom during New York Design Week.

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