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The colors of the year 2022 bring a “new start” to hotel design

A new year means new colors for hotel designers to experiment with and refresh properties with.

Ranging from Benjamin Moore’s “October Mist” to Sherwin-Williams’ “Evergreen Fog” to PPG’s “Olive Sprig” and Pantone’s “Very Peri”, these colors deliver a sense of creativity and fresh excitement for 2022, according to hospitality designers and color experts. .

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022

“The first three are cautious, nebulous, and somewhat neutral. Then step into Pantone’s Very Peri, which takes a risk and returns in the late ’80s,” Suzie Hall, founder and president of the company, said via email. of Cornerstone Collective interior design. .

Speaking at Pantone’s “Color of the Year 2022” webinar, Pantone Color Institute vice president Laurie Pressman said Very Peri is beyond what the company has ever done.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022

“As of 1999, the color (s) that we selected to be our Pantone Color of the Year would be chosen from our current Pantone Fashion, Home and Interiors color scheme,” she said. “But with the world changing, we thought the best way to accurately capture this collective mood… to step into the unknown… was to transform our process as well and introduce this new color.”

Pressman said Very Peri is a vibrant periwinkle blue shade with purple and red undertones, making it the “happiest and warmest of all blue hues. [introducing] a stimulating blend of novelty. Novelty and futurism, these are the key words in fashion. “

“It’s the kind of vibe that fits a lot of people’s goals perfectly. After two years of intensity due to [an ongoing] life changing pandemic, it’s safe to say we could all use a fresh start, ”Hall added.

Carla Niemann, senior vice president of design at Premier, said in an email interview that there has been a movement towards colors with a warm base as opposed to a cool base, which has been all the rage ever since. several years.

Over the past 10 years, hotels have renovated themselves to adopt fresh looks with pure whites, light woods and warm grays, said Abby Shehan, design director at Premier.

“Most hotels have now stabilized themselves with extremely neutral interior color palettes. Now that we’re back to five-year renovations, designers have clean backgrounds to easily add a lot more color to rugs, rugs, and furniture without having to spend. an exorbitant sum of money for expensive architectural renovations, ”she said by email.

She said more colors are being incorporated into new tile introductions, indicating that consumers will soon start to become more comfortable with using colors in materials that are generally reserved for neutral tones.

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2022

Rick Marencic, design director / studio manager at JCJ Architecure, said quick ways to incorporate these new colors could be accent pillows as well as paint and vinyl wall coverings on the accent walls.

“I imagine these colors work well in a food court, lounge area, powder rooms, conference / meeting room or gym,” he said via email.

He added that these colors represent the desire to feel the presence of nature. Hotels could emphasize this feeling through natural textures in soft and hard architectural materials as well as living or artificial plants.

Niemann added that the use of these colors depends on the desired mood for the room.

PPG Color of the Year 2022

“These colors do not have the strength to evoke a high energy workout, but rather evoke a feeling of tranquility and calm for a spa,” she said.

Hall said the green tones lend themselves well as a backdrop to painted walls and doors, while Very Peri can be used strategically in places that ‘pop’ through fabrics, artwork. art, fresh flowers and other accessories.

Niemann noted that colors like these that evoke a sense of calm, relaxation and peace will always be found in interiors and will never be considered fashionable.

His team is currently designing a room at a hotel in Sugarland, Texas, using greens similar to October Mist and Olive Sprig.

“As the color scheme develops, the overall feel of the hotel is different from the patterns we have built in the recent past,” she said. “At first I was worried that the scheme might look anemic, but the green paired with undertones of white and warm accent colors create a cool, southern and timeless vibe.”

Shehan said she doesn’t anticipate these colors will become obsolete, but finds it interesting that they are starting to move more from wall applications to carpentry.

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