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The Dassault Falcon 10X cabin is a masterclass in French design inspiration -Runway Girl

As French business jet manufacturer Dassault Aviation rapidly moves towards the 2025 entry-in-service date for its ultra-long-range flagship Falcon 10X, its improved concept cabin is winning design awards, the latest being the Red Dot Prize.

This striking new cab is an upgrade in look, feel and functionality from the classic cabin a little quieter that Dassault launched when the business jet was launched just over a year ago. But more than that, it’s a true master class in drawing inspiration from a variety of meaningful sources without resorting to pastiche or even a lot of pattern.

The overall aesthetic brings true nuances of Mondrian, including the cubist period in Paris in the 1910s is just one of the very French but very refined influences. Bright whites, deep blacks, geometric shapes and primary blue and yellow accents are inspired without being cliché. It brings a modern – and modernist – touch to the cabin, reminiscent of the works of other French artists of the time like Braque, Chagall and Duchamp. This is very very frenchin the classiest way.

There’s an appealing asymmetry to the design, particularly around the colours, materials and finish.

As an example, where the two sofas that convert into beds face each other in the cabin, Dassault has varied the look both in color and shape. One sofa has a leather armrest and a horizontal separation of cushions, which are light gray throughout, while the opposite one has a differently shaped backrest that only spans two and a third cushions, in a darker gray.

Dassault Falcon 10X sofa convertible into a bed.  The bed spans the length of 4 airplane windows and is light gray and dark gray with a yellow pillow.

Beyond these settees, the passage to the next cabin is off-centre, with half of the vertically paneled timber bulkhead wall (itself with a set of asymmetrical vertical shelves for books and art)then just over half of the remaining space as a door, then the rest is a monochrome black textured leather houndstooth on the wall.

Dassault Falcon 10X sofas run the full length of the aircraft section on each side.  There is a wooden wall at the end with shelves.

Elsewhere in the cabin, even when seats of the same style are oriented symmetrically – either across the axis of the aircraft or perpendicular to it – their seat fabric varies, breaking the eye and creating a much more residential.

Dassault Falcon 10X seats in white and gray.  Four chairs in 1-1 are seen facing each other.

This is aided by the geometric rug with its sheen, almost Klein blue (more French influence there), a color that echoes dramatically across the seating area opposite the low mid-tone wood and black marble credenza that holds a massive TV.

Falcon 10X black marble splashback.  A woman is seated on a small bench facing the credenza.

The credenza echoes other woodwork throughout the cabin, whether on a bulkhead wall, the drawers under the double bed, or an accent in the seating area.

Dassault Falcon 10X interior showing a comfortable bed with blue and white linens.Additional accent surfaces are also cohesive without being matching or repetitive: leather effect doors around the sink area, glossy granite style work surface and accent partition in the kitchen area, a warm neutral matte beige on a large partition, a smaller partition with an almost undulating curtain and an almost invisible medium-sized partition that matches the material of the wall and the ceiling – it all works incredibly well together.


Dassault’s gloss mix is ​​equally impressive, covering gloss (on the high-gloss white kitchen and sink areas), semi-gloss (the light-catching houndstooth leather and part of the effect wood) and mat (carpet and upholstery).

This blend of asymmetry, complementary colors and a variety of textures fits perfectly with modern design thinking.

It feels organized and fresh compared to pairs of the same chairs in the same design aesthetic in the same fabric and accent material placed inside the cabin, with the only variety coming in number and direction chairs.

Dassault has done a fantastic job here. Not only is this design clever, it’s recognizably French, and almost timeless.

Large Dassault Falcon 10X bathroom sink in white with silver accents.Related Articles:

All images credited to Dassault