Carpet design

The design robot vacuum cleaner can become your new roommate

As a single woman living alone in a modestly sized apartment, one of the things I promised to buy myself when I first moved in was a robot vacuum. Instead of getting an actual hand-held vacuum (which I’ll probably rarely use anyway), I preferred something that would do the trick and quietly clean the floor space while I watch Netflix or write in My journal. I’ve bought a few fairly inexpensive devices, but I’m still not satisfied, so I’ll keep looking for what could possibly be my best cleaning friend.

Design by: Minjuan Yao (from Fabio Verdelli Design Studio)

A new design concept for what they say is the “world’s only designer robot” caught my eye because it says it will be my “home friend” and was designed to be by my side. The Sebastian | The cleaning robot actually looks like a scale without the actual scale and is covered with a nice carpet. But it’s actually a cleaning device that can vacuum, sweep and scrub any surface, whether it’s parquet or marble floors.

Another thing that may appeal to those who don’t like those noisy old school vacuum cleaners is that it’s designed to be basically quiet. So even if you’re watching a show or listening to your podcast, the robot’s cleaning motion shouldn’t bother you, at least audio-wise. But it will apparently suddenly speak when the dust bin is already full and inform you that you need to empty it. The trash can itself is triangular in shape and removable, so you’ll have no trouble getting rid of all the accumulated dust.

The top of the Sebastiano is quite artistic and can look like an abstract painting hanging on someone’s wall. So if it doesn’t clean up and just sits in the corner of the room, it may look like part of your decoration. Oh and when it’s not in use, it’s programmed to return to its charging port so you don’t (hopefully) trip over it. It would probably be cooler if there was an app that could help you control where it moves or when it starts and stops.

So yes, if it becomes an actual product, I will definitely add the Sebastiano | cleaning robot to my collection of robo vacuum cleaners. Well, if it doesn’t break my wallet of course.