Carpet design

This grippy yoga mat has a perfect design and is non-toxic.

I train on a flimsy mat in my living room, so it’s essential that my yoga mat doesn’t move under me while I’m jumping during HIIT workouts or trying my handstand (not quite there yet, don’t ask for it.) But with a non-slip textured surface, Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat has great grip, never creases or moves while I sweat.

Light and strong (remember, three years of use!), this thin pick offers 6 millimeters of cushioning, which allows me to feel supported throughout my practice without losing my stability. In fact, I recently started incorporating 30 minutes of yoga into my morning before the workday started, and it’s the only mat I trust to complement my newly flexed muscles. It has a wonderful grip when I’m practicing my planks, and I had no trouble keeping my arms firmly planted under my shoulders, even when sweaty.

Many yoga mats are made with harmful and toxic chemicals called phthalates, but Gaiam makes its mats latex and phthalate-free, so you don’t cause unintended harm to your well-being when practicing your daily movements. There’s something particularly comforting about a yoga mat created with your health in mind, and if it came down to that, I’d definitely buy it again. But the best news? The company offers a lifetime warranty on its yoga mats, so you know that Gaiam stands behind the quality of its product.