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This Jaguar XK120 EV Restomod by Lunaz Design is simply breathtaking

Electric restmods certainly seem to be very popular right now. There’s been a plethora of them recently, and for good reason. This allows us to experience a classic car shape with a modern and much more environmentally friendly drivetrain. Everrati stunned recently with their remarkable Ford GT40 electric restmod. Another company doing the same with a restomod EV is Lunaz Design. This company specializes in British cars, ranging from Bentleys to Rolls-Royce and even Aston Martin. And now they added Jaguar to this portfolio.

The company recently launched its new Jaguar XK120 EV restomod. The XK120 was an important car in Jaguar’s history, being the first sports car the company unveiled in the aftermath of World War II. And at the time, it was also the fastest production car in the world. However, speed is of course not a priority with this sensational creation. It’s about updating the XK120 bang for 2022, as well as using recycled materials to try and keep the company’s carbon footprint as low as possible.

Getting to know the XK120 EV

These cars won’t come cheap. Pricing starts at around £350,000, which roughly converts to $425,000 at the exchange rates we currently have. But this figure can of course go up and down. We have to mention though that there’s no mention of the powertrain the car uses, nor any mention of the actual power figures either. However, Lunaz has used twin engines for their cars before which produce around 375hp and of course plenty of torque as well. So it will probably be in that kind of region as far as power is concerned.

When it comes to creating the car, the process begins with restoring an existing XK120 and converting to electric. The car is redesigned from the ground up, with a thorough inspection beforehand and things like weight distribution measured, helping to inform the chassis, powertrain and suspension. Lunaz then scans the car and creates 3D CAD models to ensure technical perfection. And this modern technology combines with traditional restoration and bodywork skills. Each car goes straight back to bare metal, body defects are then treated so that the perfect surface finish and paint application is possible.

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A variety of exterior colors

Lunaz doesn’t change us short when it comes to the car’s exterior colors. A huge color palette is available for those who order the car. According to Lunaz, the colors chosen are all created with full consideration of the shape and spirit of the car, so that they blend in as perfectly as possible with the lines and bodywork of the Jaguar. The company also says the colors are unique to Lunaz, giving customers the ability to dictate their own take on the XK120.

Another thing that will appeal to its customers is that bespoke colors are available upon request, so what is shown for us may not be all the company can actually create for you. One of the main aims of the XK120, according to managing director and technical manager Jon Hilton, is to breathe new life into cars under threat. He says, “The Lunaz solution takes endangered cars and gives them a new purpose. Our cars embody the spirit of the original. They are unrivaled in performance and effortless in everyday use. The company breathes new life into these old classics.

Work their magic inside

It’s not just the exterior and powertrain that got the work done, though. Inside the XK120 is a stunning interior. And it’s now updated with modern conveniences, with an infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay and satellite navigation. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also integrated to provide the most comfortable driving experience possible. The finest woods are also used inside the car, such as Burr Walnut and Greyed Burr, and there is also an extensive library of upholstery fabrics for the seats. New approaches are now used in the interior, while classic leather is also an option for the customer. Additionally, recycled plastics from the ocean are also available for indoor use, and reclaimed nylon fishing nets are also usable for carpets.

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A truly wonderful creation

Material palettes honoring the original Range Rover textile interior can also be used on your Lunaz XK120. The gauges are wonderfully reproduced to the finest detail, and it’s the perfect blend of the original XK120 and modern road and environmental needs. These are not cheap of course as we saw earlier. But there would be something supremely special about driving one of these wonderful machines, knowing that it gave a car that might have been gone forever a new purpose in its life.

Source: Lunaz Design