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Tineco Carpet ONE Complete Smart Carpet Cleaner Review

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EXAM – I remember a time when having carpets cleaned was an event. We were told to stay out of the house all Saturday and not come back until it was dark. At 12, I was already on my bike at the first light. Coming home was surreal; all the movable furniture was stacked almost to the ceiling, and the smell of cleanliness was heavy and oppressive in the air. Fast forward to 2022 and carpet cleaning has become a weekly chore (thanks, automation!). This particular chore is infinitely easier with a quality carpet cleaner, and that’s why we’re here today. The Tineco Carpet ONE Complete smart carpet cleaner has made it even easier: it tells you when an area needs attention and in COLOR. Now come with me on our journey to cleaner carpets; you, me and our new friend Tineco, who is called Tiny in our house.

What is that?

I understand that in 2022, every design magazine has these new kind of shimmering hardwood and laminate floors that are maintenance free and easy to clean. But what about those of us who still have that bedroom rug? Or those HUGE rugs that cost a member AND a firstborn to have professionally cleaned? Which, if you ask me, is even more of a “no” when it comes to cleaning up the tiniest spill of salsa (which you actually know is red wine) that absolutely does not justify handing that carpet over to the cleaners. But will an at-home carpet cleaner really do its job as well? Tineco’s newest addition to its cleaning arsenal, the Tineco Carpet One Smart Carpet Cleaner, is ready to go and I’m ready to run those basics.

What’s in the box?

  • Tineco CARPET ONE intelligent carpet cleaning machine
  • To manage
  • Two bottles of Tineco brand carpet cleaner
  • Accessory hose with brush
  • cleaning brush

  • Replacement filter
  • Replacement brush head
  • Dirty water tank
  • instruction manual

Design and features

The Tineco Carpet ONE Complete Smart Carpet Cleaner is a very strong entry into the 1300 watt mid-size motor category. Despite the engine displacement, the noise level is not oppressive; you will be able to hear the unhappy soul trying to tell you that you missed a spot. But wait, Tineco has thought of that too; the iLoop smart sensor gives a clear and colorful indication of the cleanliness level, changing from red to blue when it detects the cleanliness of the mat.

The Tineco Carpet ONE Complete Smart Carpet Cleaner is an upright carpet cleaner, so the operation will be basically the same as vacuuming. It has four different modes of operation, one of which is used when the accessory pipe brush is in use. The other three offer a range of options: automatic mode, where the machine will actually sense the level of dirt and adjust the jet of clean water accordingly. The Auto High Mode will maintain maximum spray from clean water and the Dry Mode will activate the 167 degree heater to dry your carpet in just FIVE passes, possibly less depending on the thickness of the material. That’s all you get; you can’t manually change the amount of spray, you really have to trust Tineco’s sensors.

Speaking of sensors, let’s talk about the iLoop smart sensor. Its purpose is to show when the area is completely clean. During testing, it seemed a bit hit or miss when it would activate and show a bit of red; it would be red for a split second, but would turn blue again almost immediately and any attempt to find the spot would be futile. I tried to trick the machine by spraying water in random areas to see if it turned red just from the humidity. No. No red. I even intentionally poured my Pepsi on the carpet and on the first pass over the Tineco I just sucked it up with no indication that anything was there. Now there were places I would have thought would be red, like the dog’s favorite nap spot or the rug at our entrance. But I found the sensor triggering in places I wouldn’t have guessed or in places with little or no traffic like our guest bedroom or the storage closet. I guess the machine “does the job” for me, just wish I knew what was going on.

According to my partner (who assures me he knows what he’s talking about), the sound level is fantastic. It’s measured at 84 dB(A), which he told me means it’s not considered hazardous noise (he had hearing tests taken in a past life, so I trust him…mostly). During use, we were able to communicate verbally without straining our voices.

Something that took a lot of getting used to was just figuring out what the screen was actually trying to tell you. Without picking up the manual and peeking, you’ve got the iLoop, you’ve got some sort of number line, then some numbers that I’m sure say something… and WiFi? Why does my carpet cleaner need WiFi?

Enter: ACTUALLY reading the manual.

iLoop: Red = Bad Blue = Good.

Number line: this is a DRYING COUNTER. GAME CHANGER. This little meter tells you how dry your mat is. If you’ve ever cleaned your carpets and had to wait days with the windows open (really not optimal in New England winters, I can assure you) or the strange smell of wet wool to finally leave your house, you will love this. Yes, while the Tineco is drying your carpet you will smell of wet wool, but the fact that it dries it to the point where it disappears is, in my humble opinion, brilliant.

Number Count down/up/constants: Ok, this could have used a quick start guide. On this machine, 100 means spray all the time, Auto means it will vary the spray, so the numbers will count up or down, and 0 tells you you’re in dry mode. It was a bit of a learning curve because I’m trying to test how intuitive a gadget can be without the instructions; this one made me RUN to the manual.

Setup and use

When unpacking, the user must assemble the handle arm into the top slot until it clicks into place. Then simply insert the Dirty Water Reservoir and you’re about 90% of the way to a surprisingly cleaner carpet: just add water (and Tineco brand cleaner)!

The Tineco Carpet ONE also comes with a handy upholstery attachment that clicks into place and performs exactly two functions. Spray when the trigger is pulled and vacuum when pressure is applied to the object to be cleaned.

I tested this on an old basement chair (come on we all have those) and without getting too crazy because it’s a basement chair, I tested the cleaning power on the dirtiest arms.

For what this attachment does, it left a pretty clean trail despite having no drying or heated water feature. Solid 8 out of 10 here.

What I like

  • Easy to use: it automatically sprays as it moves forward and engages suction when the machine is pulled back. Two buttons on the handle make it foolproof, and voice commands help you know what the machine is doing.
  • Drying function. I would say it over and over again if I could, but I think you get it.
  • Easy to clean: The design of the water tanks is clearly influenced by the purpose of putting the user at risk of touching dirty water, and the parts rinse off effortlessly. As a consumer, the longevity of a product is important to me, so I appreciate the inclusion of cleaning devices designed specifically for the machine.
  • Relatively quiet, but especially so compared to other brands of carpet cleaners we’ve used
  • I’m always amazed at how much dirt and hair this machine picks up can see my carpet. I may be telling myself there, but he does his job well

  • I really like how easy it is to handle the dirty water tank; it detaches from the device with the help of a foot pedal and the lid is easily removed with one hand, which makes the chore of emptying it noticeably dry
Even after vacuuming before carpet cleaning, the machine’s suction picked it up.

What I would change

  • More information about the title on the display screen would be nice. The iconographies could be confusing without repeated references to the instructions.
  • Somehow making the handle arm adjustable could make the machine more comfortable for users of different upright persuasions. I’m 5’7 and it works fine for me, but my partner has noticed a pinch in his 5’9 frame.
  • The power cord. I would increase the length, but would also like the pivot points used to wind it up to be further apart. As it is designed now, the cord is wrapped around the bottom half of the unit. The thickness of the cord causes it to bunch together and pop off the pieces meant to keep the cord taut.
  • The water tank is a bit small, but since the machine automatically sprays depending on what mode it’s in, you won’t find yourself constantly refilling it. It’s not a big change, but if I’m going to use it on multiple floors, the padding is a pain.
  • Manual spray mode. Since I can’t tell what the iLoop sensor is picking up, I want the ability to drown out a stain that I KNOW is there. Or not having the water jet at a full 100 to say, spilled sparkling water. Maybe I just have trust issues.

  • The app. I understand that there are many things that can be done with an app. I can even tell Tineco that this is a good maintenance feature. But does my carpet cleaner really have to be “smart”? Of course, the app will allow you to operate the machine in different modes, but I found the button to be MUCH easier to manipulate while cleaning instead of juggling my phone on top of cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Priced a little steep at $499.99, the Tineco Carpet ONE All-In-One Smart Carpet Cleaner will be a serious investment in your home. However, I think it’s worth it. The vacuuming and basic carpet cleaning functions are excellent and this dirty water tank certainly gives me plenty of proof that my carpets are clean. That confidence is worth the price of admission when you have pets and nephews who spend a lot of time with them. The drying function is still my favorite. A company arrives and Fido (*HEM* Abigail) has an accident on the carpet? No problem. Cleaned, dried, and no one is wiser. The handle design where your hand rests is very comfortable and does not contribute to a large amount of cramping or fatigue. If you’re about to get a new carpet cleaner (or even just within sight of the fence), consider the Tineco CARPET ONE highly; not only will it remove dirt as old as carpet in a 104 degree heated wash, it will then pamper your carpet with a 167 degree dry. I think every carpet and upholstery in your home would be very interested in the Tineco Carpet ONE smart carpet cleaner.

Price: $499.99
Or buy: Tineco and Amazon
Source: Product sample has been provided by Tineco for review.