Carpet design


As well-being is now an integral part of private travel, Winch Design has imagined a Zen-inspired cabin for VIP airliners.

One of the main appeals of private flying is that it keeps standards high and blood pressure low. The whole experience, from the moment you are greeted at the VIP terminal to the processing of documents, is relaxed, transparent and discreet. It’s by far the most relaxing form of long-distance travel on the planet, but why should that feeling of calm stop once you step on board?


Well-being, relaxation and taking care of your mental health are now essential both in professional life and at home and, in the spirit of mindfulness, the team at Winch Design have created a sky spa for a client who wanted to continue her yoga rituals in the air. Not everyone needs to open the laptop as soon as the captain rolls for takeoff. In fact, it makes sense to take full advantage of ultra-low cabin altitudes, natural light, and quiet cruising to connect with your inner self.

Taking the concept of onboard wellness to the extreme, Winch Design opened up the floor plan to create a spacious area forward to practice the lotus, triangle and child’s pose. The full-height mirror panels help perfect the positioning accordingly and the distressed wood flooring and durable materials not only accentuate the feeling of serenity but are also ultra light compared to heavy. carpet, 6-seater leather sofas and solid wood tables.

Amidships is a space dominated by a large Asian-inspired tapchan. It can work as a daybed or sofa depending on relaxation levels and the beauty of minimalism is that a tapchan is all you need, despite the bulk offered by the ACJ-Neo or BBJ Max beam. . Aft is the bathroom, with rain shower, double vanity and large round mirrors.

With its wide open spaces, natural fabrics, leathers and marbles, it’s the ultimate airy retreat, and all that’s needed to complete the spa experience is the simple addition of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. .